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West Indies batsman Chris Gayle is a heartthrob of many girls. He has a huge fan following not just in his Homeland, but also around the globe. The top cricketer of Indies rose to fame with his stunt in the IPL. He even received a proposal from a Delhi girl for a date. Yes! Delhi based girl named Aarohi asked Chris Gayle on a date in the past. Then the tweet has went viral and many fans of the cricketer are like wow on his response.

On Twitter, the fan girl of Chris Gayle asked him for a date. Surprisingly, Chris has seen the tweet and even gave a reply. He said that he will surely go on a date, but on a condition.

The girl asked the Carribean batsman, ‘my heart is pumping for you boss..! Can we go for a date?’
For the tweet, Chris replied, ‘Yes I am ready for dinner with you but you will have to pay the bill.’ The girl then replied saying, ‘I am ready to pay the bill but you have to make a century for the RCB in the next match.’

Chris gets a proposal and he says yes

This date thing took place around the 9th season of IPL and went viral in the internet. All the fans of Chris were surprised to know that their favorite batsman is very open and good at heart. He immediately responded to his fan that to with a positive response

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